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By Elayne Lieberman, CNC, CHT ©2017

People successful in business have common traits and attitudes. At the top of our list is having great character. What does that really mean?


  1. People with great character have integrity, being consistent and solid in how they show up and behave in all situations. People can count on them in that regard. They are perceived as ‘rock solid’.
  2. They are honest. Being consistently honest as well as compassionate will allow others to learn to trust them.
  3. They care about others and want to see others succeed. In fact, they often put other people’s success before their own. And the interesting thing is that they then increase their own success.
  4. People with great character are loyal with a ‘stick-to-it’ mindset when it comes to others. A person of good character is not opportunistic. People do not want to be used for someone else’s personal gain. People of great character stay and support their friends, even in down times, when they are needed the most. When they are loyal to their team, the team members will be loyal to them and usually make every effort to succeed. And they often make sacrifices for the greater good of their organization.
  5. They are accountable, taking responsibility for their actions, decisions, mistakes and are always open to being coached and being coachable. We all have blind spots and it’s the people who are closest to us that have the clearest view of those blind spots. Successful people wisely take advantage of that insight.
  6. Having the ability to make good, solid, moral and ethical decisions is fundamental to great character. Exercising good control and self-control in times of temptation is an important ability.


Starting your own business is a challenge – a refreshing and invigorating challenge! Whether you start a traditional brick and mortar company, an internet business or a home-based network marketing business, it’s up to you how people perceive you and your seriousness. If you want to be a business professional, then step up and behave like one. It doesn’t matter what your business is or where it operates from. There are behaviors, characteristics and attitudes that will define you as a business professional.


Have an open mind, being open to exploring other ways of generating an income, like direct sales and home-based business opportunities. With an open mind, successful people are always innovating and thinking outside the box to improve their results.


Going hand-in-hand with being open minded is creativity. This quality supports out-of-the-box thinking, being comfortable with being unique and being able to come up with new strategies that challenge your skills and strengths while yielding improved results.


And when you’re being creative and thinking outside the box, you will be constantly improving on what you have, finding ways, even small and seemingly insignificant ways, to do things better and more effectively.


This is not an isolated activity! Surround yourself with people who will mentor, coach and support you through the journey, individuals who will inspire you with new ideas and trigger even greater creativity. Joining or starting a Mastermind Group is an effective way to keep you accountable and focused. Continuously learning about effective sales techniques, marketing strategies, how to be an effective entrepreneur, how to put a business plan together, business finances and developing a millionaire mindset comes more easily from having a team around you.


Having effective communication skills are important to being a successful business professional. Learn to read both verbal and non-verbal behaviors of those around you. Learn how to express yourself with brevity, being concise and to the point. Learn public speaking skills, perhaps joining Toastmasters.

Good people skills are important. Being able to put people at ease, create rapport and start earning trust are crucial skills in order to develop a business that relies on people buying your goods and services. And, of course this goes hand in hand with being able to communicate effectively, clearly and functionally with others.


Several other personal qualities and skills are needed to take yourself to the next level of success. You must have a vision, a clear idea of where you want to go and what you want it to look like. The desire to reach that goal needs to be continuously fed, nourished, refreshed and strengthened.


It takes courage to start your own business, to apply or ask for a promotion, or take your business to the next level.  It takes self-confidence to even believe you can do whatever it takes.  It requires focus to stay on track and readjust as things change.  Continuous enthusiasm about the project, goal, business growth, etc. feeds that focus and helps keep it alive and fresh.


And being a self-starting, action-oriented individual is the icing on the cake. You can’t wait for someone else to make things happen. It’s up to you to do what it takes. It takes discipline, preparation, working smart and perseverance to create a successful endeavor, whether it’s a home-based, direct sales business or a traditional one.


And having a positive attitude, being on fire to learn, grow, improve, succeed and make a positive difference in the world is at the root of it all.


Each one of these qualities, characteristics, attitudes and skills are really grounded in your values. Think about who you are, what’s important to you, how you show up in the world, what goes through your mind all the time and what your attitude is. Think about what you like in your life and what you want to create, change or modify.  Everyone has the potential to be successful and develop these qualities, characteristics and skills. Are you one of them?