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The VCP Process® blossoms into profitability (P) when visibility (V) remains consistent and when credible (C) actions continue to be demonstrated and proven. However, profitability does not happen automatically just because you’re visible and are building your credibility.

V+C does NOT = P

Remember, this is a referral process, not a sales process. And the VCP Process® takes time and is a continuous, ongoing set of activities.

“You get what you ask for.”

Your dog asks to play. Your cat asks for a treat. Your toddler asks you to read them a story. The kids open a lemonade stand in the summer and ask people to buy a cup.  They ask, they get!

You have to ask for the referrals you want if you want to step into the world of Profitability.  It won’t happen automatically.

You have to ask for, as well as teach people who you want referred to you. You have to know who your ideal client is and what they “look” like and need. Then be able to successfully explain that to your current clients and business referral partners.

Ask yourself:

“Are my clients giving me referrals?”

“How many of these turn into closed business?”

“Are my Referral Partners giving me referrals?”

“How many of these turn into closed business?”

Ask and you shall receive! You have to be really clear about what you want! Just getting referrals isn’t enough! You have to know who you want to work with, what the demographics are for your ideal client (your target market). And be sure to measure the results. If the results are not measuring up to your expectations or meeting your goals, figure out what activities you need to adjust, examine what direction you have been heading and readjust your course.

Money, sales, profits. These are obvious ways to measure profitability. In The VCP Process®, closed business (money, sales, profits) is the result of quality referrals received, as well as quality referrals given. You must track your referrals. Where did they come from? Were these qualified referrals or just a lead from someone?

Why is it important to keep track of these referrals? Because out of qualified referrals comes the closed sale, the profit, the money generated. The more qualified referrals generated between business professionals (and from clients), the greater the chances of closed business. It’s important to keep track of the referrals you give and receive in order to take a measure of how you’re doing in The VCP Process®.

Referrals usually generate happy clients and customers because we tend to give extra special care to people who have been referred to us.  Of course, we really must take extra special care of everyone, but human nature sometimes steps in and distracts us. Again, something else to measure and keep track of.

Your customers who refer business to you are a remarkable test of the success of your business, as well as your credibility as a business professional.

People refer you business when they know, like and trust you and you have shown consistent professional behaviors that make your referral partners and clients look good!

I’ll say that in a different way. Do whatever it takes to make sure the reputation of the person who refers you business remains intact! Take care of your referrals and your referral partners and they will take care of you!