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Legal Protection When You Need It!

We Provide You, Your Business with Legal Services at Affordable Rates Through Legal Shield

It’s Like Having Your Own Legal Department.

On Average Our Attorney’s Have 20 Years Experience.

Unlimited Access to your Law Firm.

Over 40 Years Experience with Superior Service & Advice on Any Legal Issue

Business Memberships Include*

♦ Legal Consultations

♦ Legal Correspondence – Such as phone Calls & Letters on Your Behalf.

♦ Trial Defense Services


Personal Memberships Include*

♦ Coverage for Individuals, Children, Dependents, Spouse/Partner.

♦ Advice, Consultation & Representation.

♦ Legal Correspondence – Such as phone Calls & Letters on Your Behalf.

♦ Wills, Health Care, Directive and Power of Attorney.

♦ Traffic Violation Assistance & Accident Defense.

♦ Assistance and/or Representation for Family Matters & IRS Issues.

*Specific exclusions and limitations apply.

We Also Offer Identity Theft Monitoring & Protection

If it has your name on it, we’re monitoring it. We monitor your Social Security number, driver’s license, passport, credit cards, bank accounts and more. If your identity gets compromised, we get it back for you.

Legal Shield & ID Shield Testimonials

I signed up with LegalShield for us personally and also have the business plan.  I have utilized LegalShield on four different occasions, with my business.  I’ve actually used the same attorney each time, and she has been such a wealth of information for us!  The nice thing about LegalShield is that it doesn’t matter if the issue is large or small, they are here to help.  I had a caregiver that I had to discharge and then about 1 year later that discharged caregiver used me as a reference for a Nanny job.  The lady that was hiring for a nanny called me to verify employment and to get information on this former caregiver of mine.  I immediately called LegalShield to ask the attorney exactly what to say and most importantly, what not to say.  She was super helpful and gave me the proper verbiage to use.

I have also used LegalShield for clients that refuse to pay their bill.  They will write letters for you to demand payment.  This has been very helpful for us to recover monies that normally would have not been paid.


Member, Thousand Oaks, CA

LegalShield offers great benefits and peace of mind for any legal concerns that may arise.  I have been a member for almost 10 years now.    I owned three rental properties when the real estate “bubble bursted” and had a tenant that was 90 days past due on his rent.  I would call LegalShield almost weekly and my attorney was more than gracious and supportive of my situation providing me advice on what my options were.    While this was going on, a national pet sitting franchise was using my existing trademark business name in my area.   If it wasn’t for LegalShield, I would have backed down with this national company and simply handed over my business name.   However, I knew I could turn to LegalShield.  After talking to the attorney about my options, I chose to sell my company name instead of walking away.    Being self-employed, their advice about my business is priceless!


Member, Huntington Beach, CA

Member Story – Criminal ID Theft: “I’ve had my identity stolen twice and had IDShield℠ from Kroll along with LegalShield℠ to restore my identity. The first time was from a paper employment application and 17 credit card accounts were opened in my name. The second time was from an auto theft/vandalism and the person that stole my identity committed 82 misdemeanors/47 felonies in MY name in 4 states I’d never been to; AZ, CA, NM, & WA. Both times my identity was restored within about 2-3 weeks’ time. It would be hard to calculate how much it would have cost me without the Legal and IDShield℠ on both cases regarding attorney’s fees, lost wages, loss of career (I hold a Commercial Driver’s License), court fees, fines, etc. Don’t get caught without LegalShield & IDShield, it’s priceless in my opinion


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