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Providing Powerful Speakers & Training For Sales & Leadership!

Training & Supporting Your Employees Allows Your Company to Reach Its Full Growth Potential

Our Trainers Help You Develop Aggressive Short & Long Term Goals: Meeting important growth benchmarks through sales & leadership development.

We Help You Develop New Departments: Developing sales teams and customer service departments will help your business expand & take on new opportunities.

We Implement Development Training into Your Policies & Procedures: Demonstrating to employees that you care about their career & want to invest in their future.

Team Training: Attending training courses together will strengthen the bond that exists between both colleagues and management.

Through Our Coaching & Motivational Speakers We Change the Culture of Your Sales Team, Leadership & Company as a Whole

We Motivate Your Sales Team: Is your sales team struggling or doing OK? Our training courses and motivational speakers will, inspire, energize & transform your employees work environment.

We Train Leadership on How to Motivate Employees: A culture where employees go above and beyond, bring their very best to every customer & situation.

Every Level of Your Company Will Be Motivated: Your employees should strive to become the very best their capable of being, for themselves, for your clients, and for your company.

Motivational Speakers That Entertain, Encourage, Energize & Educate Your Staff.

Our VP of Training & Development has over 20 Years of Experience as a Top Performing Salesperson, Sales Leader and as an Award Winning Trainer

Our Main Speaker is a Published Author of Multiple Motivational Sales Books.

We’ve Been the Keynote Speaker at Companies Such as, Universal Studios, Alcoa, National Property Managers Association, and Project Managers Institute.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Rory is a great motivational speaker.  He portraits confidence and is highly enthusiastic. His motivational speech on leadership had a great impact among the audience. By sharing his accomplishments he mapped the road for leadership success. Our management team walked away inspired and with the fundamental principles to become better leaders.

Maria Calderas

Human Resources Manager , Alcoa Fastening Systems & Rings

I wanted to say thank you! Your presentation covered the key notes for sales that I think we all needed to hear. Thank you for making it interesting and applicable to all of us.

Linda Jordan

Hospitality Committee Chair, Ventura NACE

“Wow. Such an amazing outlook on things. I really am trying to implement the things you are teaching in my life now and never thought about it the way you are explaining it. Thank you so much for your wisdom.

Rea Miller

CPA, R Frank Miller CPA

“I want to thank you for your great keynote speech.  I enjoyed it immensely. Great job!!!”

Steven F. Holland, CPPM CF

Senior Consultant, Logistics Management Institute

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