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Have you seen the famous Big Rocks presentation made famous by Dr. Steven Covey? If you have not, please watch one of the various videos on YouTube. It is fun the first time you see it.

Various interpretations have been written since Dr. Covey popularized this idea in his book , “First Things First”. Some trainers say you can fit everything into your life that you want. People of this mindset say that working on all the big goals in makes room for all the rest that you want to fit in. And in theory this¬†¬† works if everything is premeasured and we can control all the factors. That is an exciting idea.

If you accept this and try to fit “everything you want into your life” theory into practice, it might prove to be more than you are capable of.

Is this being fatalistic? Or is more realistic?

What is most important to you is what needs more of your attention – in your business, in your health, in your relationships. That is what Covey means here.

And some big goals may be a lot more important than other big goals.

The word “decide” is derived from the Latin, “decido”, which means to “cut off”. Your decisions can separate big priorities from the less important wants. Are you going to decide to train and delegate to your staff more things that you do well so you can work on bigger things that they cannot?

Are you going to set up accountability for yourself and your staff to meet higher expectations in your business?

Time flies by whether used up while working on big goals or mediocre ones.

I have read many times that it takes the same amount of effort to live a disappointing life than a fulfilling one. I still can’t get myself to agree with that premise. But I do know that once you get some momentum working the bigger goals, it is easier to keep moving toward them. It is OK if some of the less important, though desirable, goals are not fully achieved or are given up entirely because big regrets are much harder to bear than small ones.

Watch the video…

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