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Your B2B Team Members

Your B2B Team members are local small businesses that have come together to work with your team improve and grow your business.

Our team handles aspects of your business that are essential to your business, but it may not make sense to hire an employee to do those tasks.

Our team will work with your in-house staff to handle daily activities. We help you work or finish new projects that don’t warrant full-time employees and a department.

Elayne Lieberman

Elayne is a Referral Marketing Specialist in Ventura County, California. She helps business owners take their businesses to the next level of success by teaching them how to establish and build strong relationships that lead to a constant and consistent exchange of referrals, from both business colleagues as well as current clients. One of her outstanding strengths is being able to see the big picture and focus on creative solutions to challenges.

Cooperation and understanding, having an open mind and compassion are core elements to building relationships. Elayne is able to see potential challenges and solutions, as well as ways to be proactive moving forward on projects.

Elayne has been the owner of four successful businesses in the holistic health and direct sales industries, as well as in retail books and gifts, and the publishing industries.

Elayne is a Southern California Native, growing up starting in the Los Angeles suburb of the San Fernando Valley and then in Simi Valley in Ventura County. She attended UCLA, earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She is certified as a Nutritional Consultant and Hypnotherapist. Elayne enjoys teaching and is a powerful public speaker and presenter.

Steve Schenck and Elayne Lieberman

Steve Schenck

Crown Elon, owned by Steve Schenck and Elayne Lieberman, provides businesses with detailed analysis and direction to help overcome issues that keep the business from running smoothly and being profitable.

Steve Schenck – (Short Bio follows)

Elayne Lieberman – (Short Bio Follows)

Steve Schenck and Elayne Lieberman

Richard S. Edelman

Richard S. Edelman has been in computer sales, support and consulting since the release of the first personal computer, the MITS Altair 8800 in 1975.

When the IBM PC was released in 1980, the ‘Personal Computer’ was introduced into small and medium businesses. Richard focused on learning and honing the skills he’d need to support the small business market. Over the years he developed the philosophy that any small business requires the same quality of support as medium and large businesses, but not the same quantity of support.

Richard’s areas of expertise are in Windows-based computers and networks, integration of Apple Macs into Windows networks, network and PC security, as well as network design and implementation.

Richard has supported businesses in many industries including medical/dental, legal, advertising/PR, environmental impact reporting, manufacturing, retailers, wholesale companies and service providers.

Richard’s goal is to optimize computer networks to maximize productivity and minimize risk.

Mary Fritsch-Derrick

Mary specializes in Business Legal protection and Legal and Identity Theft as Voluntary Employee Benefits.  She helps clients navigate the maze of business legal risks so they make better decisions, save time and money, and sleep better at night. She is committed to empowering small- and mid-sized businesses with access to the tools that large corporations take for granted, all on a small business budget.  Mary’s mission is to educate all business owners and employees about affordable access to our legal system.

Mary has 20+ years’ experience in corporate and entrepreneurial businesses including large- and mid-sized corporations in pharmaceutical market research and commercial insurance. With experience in operations management, her business analysis and problem-solving skills translate into proactive business solutions.

Growing up in the Midwest, Mary’s service commitment was born.  She also lived in France and on the East Coast, but now resides in Southern California. She is an avid reader and networker.  Mary and her husband Larry enjoy traveling, hiking and wine tasting.  Chicago and New Jersey are prime destinations for visits to family.

Steven A. Freeman

Steve Freeman is a CPA in Ventura County, California.

Steve’s critical-thinking process and widely varied experiences help business leaders unlock the power to make good financial decisions on many levels.

Steve provides remarkable insight and assistance to business owners so they know more clearly what their next financial steps need to be for potential Business Formation, Mergers & Acquisitions, as well as for Real Estate Syndication. He also represents clients at audits, should the need arise.

Steve’s accounting experience includes Preparation of Corporate and Individual Tax Returns, Custom Consultation Services for Business Owners and Real Estate Investors.

His expertise extends to the preparation of Business Formations and corporate maintenance and compliance filings so businesses maintain their good standing with the government.

Steve is a skilled and engaging Instructor and keynote speaker with speaking engagements throughout Southern California